Nature Lovers

You can’t have a family farm without the family

We bought our little farmette in 2017 but didn’t call it a farm until 2020.

Tenderfoot Farm started as a dream before we owned a patch of earth, or raised chickens, or planted flowers. Not long after we had our boys, we realized we needed space to raise them in the wild way we wanted; a place to grow our food, to forage in the woods, to run through the fields in the evening light.

The name Tenderfoot stuck (and no, we weren’t boy scouts). Rather, to be light footed on the land, to encourage little feet to run shoeless through the gardens, to accept being novices and sometimes make mistakes. That’s what it means to us. We seek out heirloom vegetables and flowers, start all our plants from seed, and don’t use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

Though our land was neglected for decades, we take great pride in nurturing it back to life and in doing things the hard way if it’s the best way. We are endlessly fascinated by nature. The boys are champion wildflower pickers and honey tasters. Jeff is into breeding chickens, selecting just the right ones so we are supplied all year round with a rainbow of eggs and fluffy-butt hens. Stephanie is forever chasing the everlasting beauty of wild things- preserving flowers, leaves, and magical bits and bobs from the woods. We are still growing, learning, and becoming.

Welcome to our little farmette life. We’re so happy you found us.