Spring, Uplifting

Every year, without fail, I start the year full of optimism and hope. It’s human nature to reset on a cycle, put the past behind us and look ahead to the promise of a better future. We make resolutions and burn our regrets. This year will be better than the last. It has to be … Read more

Garden Planning

Planning a garden is an evolving process. Let it change with your goals and needs. Nothing is set in stone, nothing has to be permanent. My plans change dramatically between sowing my first seeds and planting out, and have evolved wildly from year to year. There’s a saying that a garden is never finished, a … Read more

A Lesson on Patience

It’s the tail end of January, which means it’s time to organize seeds and plan for spring. This is a ritual I adore. Through the drab months of winter, I pore over seed catalogs and meticulously organize my saved seeds from last year. I make lists and spreadsheets of everything I want to order, even … Read more

How it Started…

This was how Tenderfoot Farm started. Just a little garden with neat little rows of plants. In the background, you can see a pile of limbs near the barn from dead Ash trees. More standing dead Ash can be seen in our yard. Beyond the garden, there’s a row of invasive Honeysuckle and a sickly … Read more