Tenderfoot Flora

Flowers Feed the Soul

Flowers are seen as ephemeral beauties but they don’t have to be! Naturally dried and pressed flowers preserve that beauty for many years. Tenderfoot Flora is our dried floral studio, creating everlasting botanical art made by hand with flowers grown from seed on the farm. We hand-dry our flowers and woodland treasures and create wreaths, wall art, gift adornments, and wearables. All our creations are hand made with natural materials, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable way to decorate your home. Dried flowers are fragile but resilient. If installed indoors away from direct sunlight, they will last many years. If hung outside, they will last for at least one full season exposed to the elements. Everything in our creations is grown or foraged here at Tenderfoot Farm.

Our Products & Services

Tenderfoot Flora is available for custom preserved flower work including bespoke arrangements, bridal flowers, storefront installations and wreaths. My shop is open seasonally from August thru January each year, but I’m always open to inquiries and requests for custom work. I’m beginning to dive into the realm of pressed flower art, floral dyes, and layered bridal flower preservation. To me, there are so many ways to surround ourselves with flowers all year long; the possibilities are endless.

Bespoke Dried Flowers

We hand-dry many varieties of flowers and create ornaments, wall hangings, arrangements, and custom orders. Bring the beauty of flowers into your home.


We specialize in all-natural, eco-friendly dried floral and evergreen seasonal wreaths. The floral creations do best indoors but can also be hung outside. Our evergreen wreaths are a natural, creative and local alternative to the dime-a-dozen store-bought variety.

Everlasting Bridal

We create bridal bouquets, arbors, centerpieces, and floral crowns with everlasting dried flowers that last forever as keepsakes of your special day.